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Paris - Brest - Paris

Offizieller Filmbericht zum Brevet Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 mit englischen Untertiteln.

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Andy Duncan - The Cyclist Philosopher

The Cyclist Philosopher

For Andy Duncan, cycling means freedom and life without it is hard to imagine. As a Scotsman and philosopher who stood at the frontier of bike messengering in the Netherlands his affection for cycling stem from the 225.000 km he travelled through the streets and suburbs of Utrecht during the last 22 years. Two years ago Andy was diagnosed with an aggressive prostatic cancer and was told he had only three years to live. We met Andy just before he moved back to Scotland. Surrounded by moving boxes, he was working on his last bike - battered, but resilient and very much in love.

Subtitles are available in English, German, Italian, Spanish en French (press the CC icon to activate).

Special thanks goes out to Lin van den Bremer, Wijnand Brouwer, Nadine Hottenrott, Sandrine Giroird, Catrien Spijkerman, Guido Boulogne and Phaola Dueñas. More info about fifty beans at fiftybeans.nl

The Cyclist Philosopher from fifty beans on Vimeo.

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